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VAQ delivers complete RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) facilities with a focus on fish welfare, water quality, operational friendliness, and quality. We collaborate closely with research institutions and suppliers to continuously develop our technological platform


Our model for project execution ensures safe and precise deliveries in collaboration with builders and other stakeholders in the projects. Our goal is to always deliver on time and within budget, aligned with our customers’ project requirements

Training and support

With all our deliveries, customized training programs are included to ensure optimal functionality during the operational phase. We also provide operational support for follow-up and optimization during production, as well as service agreements for equipment maintenance

About RAS

A quality home for fish

RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) utilizes advanced technology for the purification and reuse of water in land-based aquaculture facilities. Typically, 95-99% of the production water is recycled. This entails a very efficient use of water resources. Minimal waste enables a very favorable green footprint. Heat exchangers and other components in the process utilize the energy in the water. This allows for efficient control of temperature and thus predictable production conditions. RAS facilities from VAQ also deliver optimal water quality and growth conditions for fish – with a high degree of biosecurity. Our solutions are designed so that both fish and people can thrive in everyday life.

Our deliveries cover:

  • Project Development from Idea to Completed Facility
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Biological Production Planning
  • Process Calculations and Mass Balances
  • Design and Drawing Production
  • Electrical Installations and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Construction, Assembly, and Commissioning of Facilities
  • Training of Operators and Operations Managers
  • Documentation
  • Operational Support during the Production Phase

Pictures from our operations


VAQ currently employs over 40 staff members, with its headquarters in Asker and branch offices in Trondheim and Ribe, Denmark. We possess world-leading expertise in the dimensioning, design, construction, and operation of land-based aquaculture facilities using RAS technology. We are experiencing high demand from both existing and new clients.

Since our inception, we have delivered five complete production facilities, all of which have yielded excellent results, much to the satisfaction of our customers. Currently, another two post-smolt facilities are under construction.


Askerveien 61, NO-1384 Asker
tel:+47 906 80 500


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