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VAQ’s Supplier Code of Conduct

VAQ’s Supplier Code of Conduct describes the principles that VAQ’s suppliers and, if used, sub-suppliers must comply with. VAQ sets high standards for its operations and its employees with respect to human rights, working environment and ethical business practices. High ethical and moral standards is embedded in our core values and is how VAQ do business and works. Our business partners must utilize a business practice that meet all the requirements listed in this conduct.


From our beginning in 2017, focusing on traceability through all project phases has been a common denominator for all VAQ projects. This foundation is more important than ever, as it is enabling our customers to optimize their processes and contribute to a greener, more efficient value chain.

As a leading company within the RAS industry and long-term partner for our customers, we are in a position where we see it as our duty, as well as a major opportunity, to help our customers to choose sustainable alternatives. Recirculation and minimizing use of input factors is key elements when we design the RAS process, as well as handling waste from the fish growth process. Taking care of the environment at the construction site and secure safe handling of waste from the construction project and as well as safe decommissioning of the production facility at the end life, is also examples of how we embed sustainability in our business philosophy.

VAQs methodology and core values are Genuine, Reliable and Committed. Our core values are important to ensure cultural alignment in a growing company, and values we would like our vendors to reflect. These values guide our attitudes and actions. Violations of human rights, work environment, business practices, etc. are not in line with our vision and ethical guidelines at VAQ.

Every member of our workforce upholds VAQ’s values. VAQ require all its partners to do the same, and this document functions as a guide for all business dealings to abide by the same ethical principles as we do. The Supplier Code of Conduct sets the principles that VAQ require its suppliers to accept and follow.

Who does the Supplier Code of Conduct apply to?

The Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all companies that supply products and/or services to VAQ. Sub-suppliers are included if relevant, as well as their employees.

Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that everyone who are involved in doing business with VAQ, have read and understood the content, as well as agreed to the principles presented in the conduct. Suppliers must have a process in place to ensure and verify compliance with the conduct and are responsible for ensuring that their sub suppliers also abide by it.

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